Blackies 755 S. Clark (South Loop/Printer’s Row)
In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re reviewing Blackie’s, quite possible the most romantic place in Chicago. Well, if Valentine’s Day decorations are romantic, then this place is Paris… or Venice… or Nick’s Uptown at 4 am (whatever’s the most romantic place in your heart).  We’ve never seen so many paper hearts hanging from a ceiling. It looked like a second grade teacher was left in charge of decorating the place, and it worked. They had us at the “Be Mine” cut-out heart. “We’re yours, Blackie’s, we’re all yours.”
This was our second trip back to the bar, and it was our sole mission to try the $7 burger and beer deal. The only stipulation with the special was that you had to order it before 7pm. We rolled up at 6:30, got seated right away and had our drinks at the table within 4 minutes. Awesome.
Ten minutes later we got our burgers. Fantastic.

Before we get started on the special, a little about the bar: It’s off the backside of Printer’s Row and seems like it’s only visited by locals. That said, it’s pretty low-key. You’re not gonna run into some loud drunks and wish you could smack the douche out of their bags. This the sort of place where you can take off your shoes and stay a while. (Don’t take off your shoes, that’s disgusting– even on an airplane.)

The service is exceptional and reminds of being in a small diner. The server is constantly walking past your table and asking if you need anything. And once you place an order, BAM! It’s there!

Now back to the burger: It was “better than average”. But what do you expect for $7, and it comes with fries and a beer? Actually, everything between the buns was great (You’ll never hear us say those words again, we promise). If only Blackie’s would throw in an extra nickle for a better bun, the burger would be exceptional. Speaking of exceptional, Blackie’s fries were the talk of the table. If they changed the burger special to a big basket of fries and a decent beer, we’d be just as happy.  Bad Dog Tavern might have some competition for Chicago’s best fries.

Blackie’s, you were trying to set the mood for V-Day and be Chicago’s Romance Headquarters. But in the end, we were the ones who fell head over heels for you. Don’t take this the wrong way: but if we’re in the South Loop and get the urge, would you mind if we stop by for a quicky? We know you don’t take long.

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